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Karen Garcia Burt
Fabio Garces

Fabio was instrumental in the design and creation of the Life Tree Training website, graphics and sounds (take a listen on the introduction page – you may have missed it).

He is a graphic artist, music producer, sound engineer and sound healer with over 10 years experience in Web and graphic design.

Sound therapies are a major part in his life. His focus is to merge ancient sound healing knowledge with modern acoustic technologies. To integrate aspects of the old paradigm with the new, in the search of the evolution of sound healing and to facilitate shifts in consciousness for people that are drawn to this path. In the last 7 years, He has been deeply involved in researching the field of Cymatics, acoustic therapies and ancient South and Central american shamanic sound healing practices. His passion in these fields has brought him from South America to England where he has spent the last 3 years learning and working with the Solfeggio frequencies and other sound therapies. He has created a number of meditative and healing audio products in collaboration with other sound healers, hypnotherapists, life coaches and spiritual teachers. He also continues research on solfeggio and is further developing frequency therapy techniques.

Fabio is on Facebook and LinkedIn