Life Tree Training
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There are 7 Habits, which can be subdivided into 21 Behaviours. We have put together over 150 Activities to stimulate these behaviours. The 7 Habits build on from those developed from the UK Government Foresight Project (which was aimed at developing well being amongst the population). They are:
  1. Connect
  2. Keep learning
  3. Be active
  4. Take notice
  5. Nurture yourself
  6. Give
  7. Feel good
The programme is designed to help you:   You may also learn:

The purpose of this programme is to help us age in the best way – to enjoy the process and to be happier.

Helping us learn how to maintain healthy brains and happy worthwhile lives.

We have a greater understanding of the ageing process than at any other time in the history of human beings. We still have much left to explore, but this programme is a good starting point in the adventure of our lives. By establishing the 7 Habits and following the 21 principles, it is likely that we will be in an excellent position to age well to the best of our abilities.

This programme is deliberately not meant to be prescriptive - there cannot be a single method that suits us all. The programme has been written as a personal journey - the aim is to stimulate each of you to find your own pathway. Use the programme to stimulate your imagination and to act as a springboard for searching out further information that is appropriate to your personal journey.