Life Tree Training
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Web Coach

This is a version of the app which is presented in a web based format for those people who do not have mobile technology.

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Introduction. This provides an introduction/reminder as to why it is important to learn to age well, an overview of the 21 principles and instructions on how to use the app.

General Self Rating. This is designed to help you answer the question ‘How am I doing?’. You begin by rating how you are performing on each of the principles and then receive a comparison with everyone else who is using the app. The system then automatically selects your lowest scoring principles for you to do further work on (this can be manually overridden if you want to choose a different one).

Doing the Work. Having selected a principle to work on the app then guides you to rate how well you are applying each of the activities within your chosen principle, and again the app will give you an immediate comparison with everyone else. You can then select any of these actions and the app takes you to a worksheet with some practical activities to implement. These can be scheduled into your calendar with alarms so that you can be prompted as appropriate.

Review. Of course none of the above work matters if it does not have a lasting impact upon your life, so this part of the app is designed to help you answer the question: ‘Has it made a difference to my life?’. Each activity can be reviewed on a 5 star system based on how useful it proved to be (this rating is fed back into the third section to help other users decide on which activities to try). You are also able to upload your own activities which you have found useful, which once moderated, will appear on the app as suggestions for other users.

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