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‘The 7 Habits of Maintaining a Healthy Brain and a Happy Life’

The Workshop download package includes around 3 hours of digital video files, plus Introduction notes, and the Workshop notes (usually sold for £10 separately).

This is the introduction to the whole programme. It is recommended that you start with this.

The Workshop educates you about the 7 habits and 21 scientifically supported principles associated with maintaining a healthy brain and a happy, worthwhile life, but more importantly teaches you how to Activate, Nurture and Live them.

The package is fun and is guaranteed to be challenging, informative and highly practical. You will be enabled to take charge of your own life programme.

You can skip chapters of the video files, return to them or watch from start to finish. The extensive Workshop course notes guide you through the content and include extra information.

Video files content:

In addition the Workshop Notes cover the following areas:

* The Memory Prompter
* Opening and working from the ‘heart brain’
* Summary of the published scientific benefits
* Inspiring and interesting facts you should know
* The Blue Zones and what we can learn from them
* Why is this work important for society?
* Benefits to me
* Reflection exercise on Unselfish Kindness and Care
* Challenging automatic negative thinking
* Self rating on the 21 Principles
* Target scores on the 21 Principles
* How to Activate, Nurture and Live the Principles
* A time I changed successfully
* Objectives from this workshop
* Tools for enhancing activation of change
* Returning to working from the ‘heart brain’
* Selecting the Principles to work on
* Selecting tips from the Principles to work on
* How are you going to do this?
* Is it working?
* Reflective practice and forward thinking
* How to review your own progress
* Supportive resources to use

Click here to purchase the download package of digital video files of the workshop